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Good thing for us he didn’t get the chance to swipe right.Of course, in fact with the way that we are communicating changing at such a rapid pace, it’s becoming more likely.Missing this era is like missing a hit TV show or movie: You’re left out of a cultural conversation that everyone else seems to be having.I wonder what it would be like to scroll through a list of potential partners, inspect their pictures for clues about who they really are, banter in our direct messages. “You’re not missing out on anything,” my single friends say with exhaustion and something that seems suspiciously like an eyeroll.

I never swiped anywhere, never had a cleverly written profile accompanying a flattering picture.I was a casual smoker and he would’ve passed on me if I had a profile, too.Three kids later, it seems he was able to overlook the occasional cigarette with a cocktail.The act of seeing just a photo without blocks of text seemed reminiscent of spotting someone attractive across the room. Because here you could risk nothing by swiping your approval of their looks.I recently watched a younger relative do the swiping thing.Also keep in mind that there are different types of soulmates, however, I assume you are talking romantically.

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