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officials in Washington acknowl- edged that the redemption offer was part •* of an effort to restore confidence in world financial markets. The other com- ponents include 517.8 billion of funds from the International Monetary Fund and billion of loans from the world’s leading central banks. France, the traditional EU advocate for the so-called ACP countries, has pushed strongly to at least increase aid to keep pace with infia- Third World Suddenly in Question tion. Treasury was making “good progress” in talks aimed at freeing up the billion American portion of the bi Qion inter- national rescue package. Treasury secre- tary, was meeting his Mexican counter- part, Guillermo Ortiz, on Thursday in an effort to reach agreement on the details of the rescue plan, which was unveiled on Jan. “We are continuing to make good pro- gress with the Mexican authorities in working out the arrangements to imple- ment the previously announced billion medium-term support package,” a Trea- sury official said. The falling-out over aid also exposed a widening gap in the external priorities of the 15 EU member states.The tables run 24/7 and there are usually at least a few people playing at all times.US players are welcome to play the webcam roulette games for real money and you can also play a ton of other casino games and poker games. These consultations came just hours after a default on .5 million of pay- ments on commercial paper by Grupo Si- dek S A, a private Mexican company. left, of Swaziland and Alain Juppe, of France, speaking at their news conference on development aid problems in Brussels on Thursday.

That would break the frozen political landscape that has been dominated by the assurap- NEWS ANALYSIS tion that Mr. The most intriguing possibility, French analysts said Thursday, is that the weaken- ing of support for Mr.

Exposure to Mexico's fi- nancial crisis and the belief that the U. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones industrial average edged up at the final bell to give U. stocks their second record close in a row (Page 13). The move underscored Europe's less- ening interest in its poor former colonies while faced with more immediate securi- ty needs and economic opportunities in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region.

or dollar-linked Treasury bonds, followed high-level consultations with U. The Sidek default — and the prospect of See PESO, Page 10 Dollar Falls, Stocks Rise The dollar fell Thursday in what ana- lysts said was a fundamental reassessment of the currency. central bank wi B not raise interest rates much further contributed to the dollar’s decline (Page JI). El Fs Aidto By Tom Buerkle International Herald Tribune BRUSSELS — The European Union abruptly canceled a meeting with the 70 ACP nations of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific on Thursday after negoti- ations to determine an aid package col- lapsed.

Prime Min- ister Edouard Bahadur’s regal progress to the presidency has started to seem less than inevitable. Bahadur remains the overwhelming favorite to win in the April and May elec- tions.

But in one of those moments that can seem to last forever in politics, his lead has suddenly started melting in the polls.

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