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When the romance stage starts to dissipate, the seemingly strong foundations to the relationship can start to crumble.Disillusionment can kick in as you realise your other half isn’t quite so perfect. Perhaps your partner’s cute little quirks start to become annoying.In other words, it may be about putting your own needs to one side in order to understand what the other person wants from the relationship.

For couples swept up in a whirlwind romance, those stages can happen within weeks or months.

Couples counselling can help you understand your differences and your similarities – so, for example, you can feel more sympathetic when your partner needs more alone time and you need more together time.

You can come up with an agreed plan so you both feel loved and supported, without resentment creeping in because you don’t feel your needs are being met.

Learning tips and techniques to communicate with each other warmly and effectively –rather than escalating into argument – can go a long way to building stronger foundations for your future together.

At the heart of any successful relationship is the bond of emotional trust between you.

Or you may worry that your partner doesn’t love you enough and you start to become clingy.

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