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Jorge has had a heavy impact in helping to shape the bachata landscape on the west coast, and he and Leslie have traveled internationally to teach as well.7.– Ataca began his dance career as a salsa instructor, but he has become one of the most recognizable male bachata dancers in the world.The individuals below are (in our opinion) the most innovative and influential people in the world of Bachata dance.Since 2005 bachata has exploded in popularity in the latin dance scene thanks in part to artists such as Aventura, Prince Royce, Joan Soriano and Juan Luis Guerra.Taub educates the masses on authentic Dominican bachata music, dancing and culture.

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He teaches, provides choreography, and promotes the Island Touch brand which features immensely popular dancers Jorge “Ataca” Burgos and Tanja “La Alemana” Kensinger.Ataca and La Alemana were perhaps the first Bachata Moderna couple/duo to have world wide popularity and influence thanks, in part, to You Tube.6.– One of the first instructors to teach Dominican Fusion bachata.Incidentally, the FIRST Bachata festival ever promoted (but not held) was organized by Peter and Christine Dottax.This was held in Sweden after the Sydney Bachata Festival.10.His initial influence was felt in Australia and New Zealand, but quickly spread like a Bachata tsunami through out the rest of Europe and the USA.

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