Athena dating

But it frequently happens that the person with Pallas in the 7th house finds it easier to do these things when there is someone else around. It is also favorable for those who manage other people’s money. The 8th house, which is opposite, rules the values of the groups to which you belong.

This is a good placement if there is some sort of competition (or better yet, a battle) involved.

The sign of Good ability to see tiny (even microscopic) patterns and solve problems to the 10th decimal place.

Consequently, this would be a good placement for any profession that requires great attention to detail. If you have Pallas in Libra, you probably (unless there are afflicting aspects) have good artistic taste, as well as an ability to know what accessories match the outfit you’re wearing.

The pattern recognition and problem solving abilities focus around domestic matters and emotional concerns.

This is also a good placement for a therapist to have, or someone in a profession that requires nurturing in some way, such as a nanny.

And, when it was done so, Athena came out of his head.

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