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Edits made in the online editors do not appear on the Live Map nor client immediately.

The Waze servers typically update the client and Live Map every 24 hours, but at times delays could cause this to be multiple days between updates.

It can take as long as 3 days for your routes to appear.

If this is the case, there is the option to download the files to a If you have said "Yes" to a map download and switch off the car before the download is complete, the process will be paused and continue automatically when the car is started and reconnected to the Internet.The red line roads will disappear from your client device after a week at most.After roads are confirmed in WME, it takes a few days for the routing server to fully update to reflect the changes.Unless you become an Area Manager or rank up to a higher level, you can only edit the map up to 1 mile (1.6 km) from where you have driven.Permission to edit your new routes does not always happen immediately.So you can see new roads, and navigate to them by choosing them as a destination, but you may not find them as a location.

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