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A topic is a class that provides methods that are categorically similar.

For example, an API might have a topic called "math" that provides math-related methods such as add, multiply, divide, etc.

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When the API is used directly, for example, whatever the API produces is returned as is.* params A hash-ref of parameters in the syntax of Brannigan (see Brannigan:: Validations for a complete references).* cb An anonymous subroutine (or a subroutine reference) to run when the route is called.With "forward()", an API method can call other API methods or even itself (for recursive operations).$namespace is the method and route to execute, in the format "", where "METHOD" is one of "GET", "POST", "PUT", "DELETE", and "ROUTE" starts with a forward slash.The sample space of a trans-dimensional random vector is a union of spaces with different dimensions.

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