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At first, I dismissed these suggestions – deaf people aren’t in any way annoying, are they?

But then some of our readers (most of them deaf) sent in their suggestions for what our irritating habits might be, and I started to realise that maybe hearing people don’t have a monopoly on being annoying – deaf people have their moments as well.

He writes for the Guardian and BBC Online, and as a scriptwriter, penned My Song, Coming Out and Four Deaf Yorkshiremen.

Hearing Solutions UK aim to offer products that help you hear speech even in noisy environments, identify sounds, talk to people, use the telephone, enjoy music, connect wirelessly, and feel confident, wherever you go.

New technology has been unveiled that allows deaf and hearing-impaired people to better enjoy shows with the help of a free smartphone app, Gala Pro, that was created by a Tel Aviv-based tech startup called Gala Prompter.To find out which shows currently offer the app, go to the Theater Access New York City website.About 20 percent of Americans — or 48 million people — report some degree of hearing loss.Remember when, in 2015, Tony-winning actress Patti Lu Pone became so fed up with an audience member texting during her performance in "Shows for Days" at Manhattan’s Lincoln Center that she actually reached down and plucked the phone out of the spectator’s hands?She’s not the only one who has expressed displeasure at a customer's behavior.Had two sisters and a black cat.” There’s no doubt that the deaf world is small, but it is still remarkable just how often we act as though other deaf people we know are minor celebrities, known to just about everybody. Knocking drinks over in the pub No matter how busy the pub, or how crowded the bar, us Deafies insist on signing at full pelt, and full span, regardless of the number of drinks that get knocked flying as unsuspecting hearing people walk past us holding their drinks. Making audible bodily noises in public Needless to say, this one was suggested by several of our hearing readers – who can hear whether this is the case or not. Which is probably a lifesaver, when you take into account our death-defying habit of signing (and lipreading) as we drive.

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