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Mr Scruff We live in a post-clubbing era, when no one seriously suggests that DJs can become superstars any more.Yet Manchester's Mr Scruff has seen his star rise in recent years.

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(_The Times_, 1945) Although 'boffin' isn't really an offensive name, it sounds bad and makes us feel like we're not human -- believe me, we are!

There’s high pressure off the Azores and low pressure in the Atlantic.

Phenomenal pressure is building in the small, under-equipped room in Portsmouth where the weather expert has to decide which front will reach the Channel first.

Laura Rogers marvellously conveys the common sense, emotional intelligence and stoically shouldered hurt of the English Lieutenant who has been the married Eisenhower’s chauffeur, confidante – and clandestine lover – through the war years.

She couldn’t be more diligent, but for her this “beginning of the end” can’t help but be bittersweet.

: The Best of British : The American's guide to speaking British says: : Boffin - This is the word for a nerd.

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