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at age 11 while she was walking down the street singing, this guy heard her singing and he took her to met his friend,a record producer,or agent,or something like that she was discovered by the doctors in her mums tummy on 19/4/1996geez. It took time, but Villegas has begun to display his true colors.My mother said that I couldn't accept it, but Frank spoke to her. Gloria De Haven's parents were the popular vaudevillian and stage performers Carter De Haven and Flora Parker.I have no idea what he told her, but he snowed her somehow, and I kept the ring. She and her brother Carter De Haven Jr., who would become a producer, would travel with their parents as they toured the theatrical circuit.It's not far from the compound Woods is building on Jupiter Island, and near Raymond Floyd's Old Palm GC.He set up shop there along with his brother, Manuel, a fellow Florida Gator who turned pro this summer and immediately won the Colombian Open. One thing they don't share is Camilo's new love for cycling."It's not easy," said Villegas, "but it's so peaceful and pretty sweet."Something else that's pretty sweet is winning, which Villegas has now done two starts in a row. Two Girls and a Sailor, Summer Stock, Out to Sea, Best Foot Forward, Step Lively, Three Little Words, So This Is Paris, Yes Sir That's My Baby, The Doctor and the Girl, Summer Holiday, The Thin Man Goes Home, Broadway Rhythm, The Yellow Cab Man, Susan and God, The Girl Rush, Two Tickets to Broadway,...[on appearing, aged eleven, as Paulette Goddard's sister in Modern Times (1936)] It was silent, so we didn't have to talk.

I didn't know if I was going to make it, but when I got to the top, I said, ' I love this thing.' "When Villegas returned to Florida, he bought an exotic road bicycle. Valiante was on the practice green at East Lake Sunday night, surveying the scene as Villegas and Singh held their trophies and posed for photos with executives of Stanford Financial, one of their sponsors.

We just ate bananas and ran around in raggedy clothes and enjoyed it. I had a watch that my mother had given me, and I loved it.

I always kid about it and say I started in silent films..[on Frank Sinatra] I still think that Frank Sinatra is bad-rapped. At the end of the film Frank gave me a pinky ring that matched it perfectly.

I had the privilege of watching great actors at MGM. Today kids struggle - they have to be waitresses and bartenders while waiting to get a break. De Haven, at 10 years of age, landed a bit part in Charles Chaplin's 1936 masterpiece "Modern Times" because her father was Chaplin's assistant director on the film.

At the age of 14, Gloria also had a small role in Chaplin's (released in) 1940 satire "The Great Dictator." While singing with orchestras, including, Bing Crosby's brother, Bob Crosby's band of musicians, MGM signed De Haven, at age 15, to a film contract in mid-1940 and she appeared in "Susan and God." De Haven appeared in several MGM musicals during the 1940's, most notably, at the time of filming, a young age of 17, 1943's "Best Foot Forward" and 1944's "Step Lively," in which she was loaned out from MGM to Howard Hughes' RKO film studio.

He went way beyond what we were doing in the weight room, so he got a lot stronger, and consequently a lot longer."Villegas made a splash when he finally earned his tour card in 2006 after one year of development on the Nationwide Tour.

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