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In the meantime please see national website RESPECT.RESPECT Advice and resources Are you worried about friend, family, neighbour or even work colleague?I thought about making a video, but it turned out to be unnecessary. If for some reason my directions don’t work, check out the official Obi200 Starter Guide [pdf] or their extensive set of tutorials. The Obi202 offers two independent phone ports so you can use two different Vo IP providers simultaneously (or you can have two Google Voice phone numbers).If you can find one on the cheap, the older boxes work too.1 in 4 women in England and Wales will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives so someone you know could well be affected by it – if you are worried or concerned about someone but are unsure how to support them, below you will find some useful packs which include practical and emotional support advice and tools.Domestic Violence and Abuse If you are worried about a friend or relative who has been affected by Domestic Abuse but are unsure and don’t know what to do, click below to access a free guide offering practical and emotional advice on how best to support them.

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It is very common, 1 in 4 women will experience it in their lives and men can be victims too.DVA Friends and Family Booklet Abusive Friend or Relative If you are worried about a friend or relative who may be abusive towards their partner, click below to access a free guide offering safe practical advice.The guide was written in collaboration with Bristol City Council, Police and Crime Commissioners and RSVP, the dedicated service working with perpetrators of domestic abuse in Bristol.9 am -5 pm daily, Monday to Sunday including bank holidays.01 / 1496 Support groups for women held throughout Bristol.Please contact Next Link to apply for a place and for further details: [email protected] or telephone 0117 9250680 LODA Loved Ones of Domestic Abuse (LODA) is a peer led group offering support to anyone that has been impacted by a Victim / Survivor of Domestic Abuse.

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