Colbie caillat dating justin young


And I said yes." Caillat’s caption shows that she’s not only a successful pop singer, but she’s also a fan of the sitcom "Friends." During an episode that aired in 1996 called "The One With The Prom Video", the eccentric Phoebe assures Ross that he and Rachel will end up together in the end.

Soon after, she met record producer Mikal Blue, and began to work as a singer at fashion shows.She came to popularity and mainstream consciousness in 2007 off the back of the song called "Bubbly".She's known for pouring her heart into her work, really working hard on her stage presence and being cute and "Bubbly".Colbie Caillat took to social media one day after she turned 30 to share her exciting news: Caillat’s longtime boyfriend, Justin Young, asked Caillat to marry him. The caption below the photo read: "This sweet man asked me to be his lobster... Caillat made the announcement Friday via Instagram and Facebook, where she posted a photo of herself and Young standing together aboard a boat in Bermuda.Regarding her personal life, Colbie Caillat has been dating singer Justin Young since 2009, and they became engaged in 2015.

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