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Shellydimples, It is interesting to see that there is an assumption that if everyone had a gun there would be carnage on our streets.America is not the only country in the world that allows gun ownership and nor does America have the worst crime / death by gun rate.Women always use FREE, and men receive generous free trial chat. Below are some of the chat dating cities in the state of CT.

Guns are readily available in EU states such as Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland and the mere fact they are available does not send the majority of people into a killing frenzy. If I had a gun, or you had a gun, would you really imagine you or I to be more likely to use it to harm others? Of course not, no more than we are likely to engage in knife crime, which we all do have access to by the way as we also do with bombs. That serves as the biggest deterent to those who would harm you but failing that, you point it towards the person attacking you and pull the trigger.

I have never been closer to death and had I actually died then those men would have killed me just a surely as if they had plunged that knife into me at the time.

Had I access to a time machine and could go back in time to the previous night and had I been able to secure a gun to put under my pillow then I am 100% certain that today there would be three less bad guys in this world.

As it was I had no protection, the police were days away from attending and everything you think you might do in that situation disappears in an instant.

It is genetic fight or flight that kicks in and and I had nowhere to run.

GPIt's relatively simple Charity True and we have done it before.

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