Dating a cocaine addict dating sites with rich men


My boyfriend, whom I will call Matt, has been using cocaine recreationally since he was 17.He will be 23 six days from today, and still uses cocaine.Also, I'm a pothead through-and-through--I love weed and see nothing wrong with smoking multiple times daily.

I wouldn't like to date a woman though who was still using drugs or who drank heavily.

Many of these women -even the really good looking ones - have been on this site and others for many years....

Many men with big money don't want gold digger women ...

All of those qualities are very attractive to me...

the maturity born of a man who has the strength and conviction to triumph where many others crumple in the face of their weaknesses..

I look on this site and I see a LOT of women who seem to be looking for a man with money to love... Women who say they want to go travelling and skiing and many things that cost big money.

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