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Eagerly looking at a phone, suppressed yawns, vague irritation, contradicting (or disagreeing with) absolutely everything you say, even the innocuous stuff. Here’s the thing, someone might agree to go on a date out of pity or charity but have such a good time that it becomes a wonderful date. Don’t assume the worst, just have a good time and see what happens.Judge later, when you see what kind of reaction you get after it’s over.Follow 17 Original post by Anonymous Yeah I dating with girl online if I had sex with them then it's illegal, idk about dating them Follow 18 A wise old woman once said. Follow 19 I'm 18, and old wouldn't be in a relationship with a guy year old, but I'm not convinced guy would be that much of a big deal if, say, I was 27 or something. Advice on everyday issues Replies: Summer Beach Hut Replies: News and current affairs Replies: Tell us a little about yourself to get started. But in all seriousness 3 years isn't that big of a deal just as long as you two are compatible then things should go smooth just like any relationship. Great rebuttal, three years is practically nothing, now grow up, the way this reads it's like you found out she did porn, i'm True, I have been told I'm very affable, and I do alright for myself datings not judging someone based on age really helps I find.I did a gap year before going to uni and my birthday is one of the earliest in the academic year, so I'm almost 2 years yead than the majority of my cohort at year. This forum is supported by: Exam Jam Join thousands of students this half term. Emotional maturity is much more important than physical age, imho. You on the other hand have the mentality of a schoolboy, three years really is fuck all and your first thought on hearing it is almost panic.

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I have, it was a nightmare but mostly because she had issues unrelated to her being four years older than me.

At the year I go by the rule of one year older, one year younger. White Knight77 Follow Forum Posts: Older people are more experienced so amen to that.

Ugalde- Follow Forum Posts: Maybe someone who is a year older but any more than that I don't think so.

My life is extremely busy and I don't usually have any free time on my hands anymore. If I do have any spare time I usually end up relaxing at home because I'm so tired frm everything else I have been doing, or just go out with friends to parties or just to dinner or any other social gathering.

Loneliness - now this may be the only reason out of the 4 you have listed that I may consider dating someone for.

I don't think it's good to date just because you're lonely because you may become clingy and rely on the person you are dating to bring you all the happiness you crave. If you are bored you should do things with your life that make you happy and give your life some fulfillment.

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