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This story, her story, is complete news to me: That one day, during one of her visits, in the old hippie haunt Caffe Med, where novels were written and drug deals made, Karen talked with a guy for hours. She left with him, walked with him to his apartment. “He called me once, in Pennsylvania.”“So you gave him your number.”“Yeah,” she says.But she didn’t go in.“I was very proud of myself,” she tells me. “I did.”(How loyal was she to her old boyfriends before you met her? If my wife were smoking right now, she would be exhaling evenly.Expats have the feeling that they are more being used by those girls for English language exchange, than their wallets - which is a pretty good thing.Hanoi girls are said to be quite passionate and open to the foreigners.Well, it is to be noted that prostitution in Hanoi is illegal.However, you can still get many options and sources to find Hanoi girls willing to spend time with you.

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”She was staring at a photo from my wedding where I was shaking hands with my father. My hair has always been brown, though now it is salt-and-pepper. But a warning has come, courtesy of my brave new life, where anything seems possible: I’d better know who I am.

All we do is talk.i had this wild dream that we were on the freeway in a BRAND NEW white BMW. Evenings, we lie on facing couches, Karen and I, reading the paper.“The problem is that you do it right in front of me,” she says.“Do what? It is only after that, as I drive Erin up the long driveway to her rented carriage house, that we are alone. We talk for a minute more, or 15 minutes more, and then we stop, and it is time. It’s a hug that says .“I didn’t know if in America you’re supposed to hug or kiss a friend goodnight,” she says. “But it wouldn’t be a good idea.”We are silent and I think, “What coffee shop? ”“Yeah, the place on Telegraph.”This was 25 years ago.

i was driving, i had to go 80mph to keep up with everyone else and... At a dinner party the night before at her place, we kidded about writing a book together. ”My wife squirms slightly in a way I recognize, a way that means, as her eyes don’t leave her book, I go back to Sam’s bed. They dig deep and say everything—and nothing.(What's so wrong about checking out an ex's Facebook page? I do remember how she paused, frozen, as if something had to be calculated or solved. She has an ironic little laugh and very nice teeth. I don’t do anything.”My wife is looking up at the ceiling. Karen has a small smile.“We just talk about work,” I tell her.“The two of you act as if no one else is there.”Her paper slips to the floor. By this point, Karen, who gets up at 5 a.m., is fast asleep back home. A slight pressure builds inside my head, which seems to push out all thought except this one: I can squire Erin around, be her friend, and it is all in control. I’m a man of enough accomplishment, in a blue blazer, simply offering his arm. Two decades is a long time to be away.“Either,” I offer.“Goodnight.”“Goodnight.”As I turn around and drive away from her carriage house, I consider Erin’s accent. “You’d sleep with her if you were single.”It’s the next night. “I’m not interested in that.”I consider why she seems so sure. In fact, my wife and I had met in a coffee shop ourselves, back in Pennsylvania.

But I know what she’s doing; it’s not a confession. She’s successful, and if she is interested in me, it says something about me.” We give that thought its due. The toughest woman to get, and maybe the one we think we really want, is up the food chain from us and therefore won’t want us.

I decide to plunge right in.“I think it’s two things,” I say. That’s what we assume, and for good reason: It’s true.(Related: The Top 20 Traits Women Want in a Man.)Most of the time, big-deal women get with big-deal men. When we had Erin and some other friends over for dinner for the first time, I gave her a tour of the house.

In fact, I think he might actually be the rabid hyena. They have the kind of heady sexual tension you might find on the savanna. However, Safarigirl brings up a different point: This guy gone over the line, and she wants to know what it means. He's in it because he wants to keep the single part of himself alive.

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