Dating fender champ silverface

This means the amp comes with a phase inverter tube (usually a 12AX7) that oscillates the power between the two power tubes, or two pairs of power tubes in high watt amps.This lessens the load on the power tubes and makes the amp run more efficiently.The original Champion 600 sold for .95 (today’s Chinese model goes for 9.95). The Champions cabinet underwent a design change in 1953 to go along with the larger amps in the Fender line-up.The cabinet now was the so-called wide panel tweed model or model 5C1.It is interesting to note on the new version of the Champion 600, the rectifier is solid state, the power tube is a 6V6 and the preamp is a 12AX7.

The electronics produced four watts of sound into a Jensen 6” Special Design speaker.

Fender changed this to white/silver/black woven material in 1964. This added an additional watt to the power rating, bumping it up to 5 watts.

By 1964, Fender amplifiers underwent a total redesign to what is known as Blackface models.

Some players that believe this gives a punchier sound.

Tom Jennings and Dick Denney, the creator of Vox amps, utilize Class A in most of the British made Vox AC line.

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