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Above: Someone’s about to get hit with the ‘ending friendship’ hammer Above: ANGames CEO Kevin Kim explains Feel Online.

Sims differ from other PC games in that their raison d'être isn’t necessarily to entertain, at least not primarily. They’re not all best-sellers, but these are the titles with dedicated communties offering deep tutorials and incredible mods, that let you get as close to hauling a trailer full of plumbing parts across Europe, driving an F1 car, or piloting a military aircraft as national security laws will permit.

When people say the word 'simulator,' Microsoft's imperious and encyclopaedic aviation behemoth is the first game that springs to mind.

You’re here because you want to know what the best simulation games for PC are right now. It is, however, fascinating, terrifying, and hugely satisfying as a long-form experience.

The all-time greats still worth playing; the sims with modding communities who breathe eternal life into them; the facsimiles of an aspect of reality so niche you can barely fathom their existence. Such is the nature of the genre that seeking out the best PC sims is like asking for the ‘special’ stock the shopkeeper keeps in the back room.

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According to this report for instance, 35% of PAX visitors is female, and I think of PAX players as players who would typically enjoy D: OS. This seriously sucked, because it could’ve validated (or invalidated) an idea that had formed on our group chat i.e.My guess would be that critic scores might be quite important here.UPDATE 2 Another type of comments puts the fault in our shoes.Note the well-dressed jerk in the background lickinghis ice cream behind the executive So there you have it!If you’ve ever wanted to feel like an NPC in a dating sim, now’s your chance.Just remember to take advantage of the ‘ending friendship’ command if you run into any lemons.

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