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As time progresses, these are being ironed out however with so many components (both hardware and software) there are still quite a few issues.

Even though this is far from an exhaustive list, here are some undocumented fixes that can help you: After weeks of trying to figure out why my headset wasn’t being detected properly (Error 508), I finally figured out that running steam as an administrator resolved all my issues.

In order to determine if your computer is capable of running VR applications, you’ll want to download the official Steam VR Ready testing tool.

If you’re in the “acceptable”, you should be good to go!

For an in-depth explanation on what a restricted FOV to ease VR motion sickness, view the video.

Let’s be upfront about this: the HTC Vive release was rushed and it certainly came with it’s fair share of bugs.

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By using one of the solutions, you can quickly install the HTC Vive sensors in pretty much any room without drilling any holes.Determining jitter can be a little tricky, if you are new to the virtual reality world you may not even know it is there at first.However, after clocking up some VR hours, you may start to notice it, when once it was undetectable.Pro-Tip: When mapping a small room, you can sometimes exceed the real edges a little bit and you’ll still be fine in the virtual world.This is sometimes necessary in order to reach the minimum dimensions required by the HTC Vive.Many games (Such as Pool VR and Mini-Golf) don’t work properly under Windows 7 and work great when you run Windows 10.

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