Dating paintings frame


Canvas is perceived by many people to be the best support for painting, but hardboard (or wood) should not be shunned.

In fact, some would argue that it is a superior support to canvas for oils because, unlike canvas which is flexible, wood is rigid and this helps to prevent cracks in the oil paint.

You can paint on either side, it's a matter of personal preference.

If you choose the shiny side, it should be lightly sanded so the primer adheres properly. Paint, even when it looks opaque, is affected by what is underneath.

Cradling is, essentially, building a support frame for the back of your hardboard painting.

It not only prevents warping but brings you painting away from the wall and gives you a place to attach a wire hanger.

If you are painting on hardboard over 18 inches (45.72 cm), you will want to "cradle" the panel (it's not a bad idea for smaller boards, but not necessary).

You will find that building your own canvas and hardboard support saves money as well.If you plan ahead, you can get a number of panels from a single large board and have a variety of sizes to paint on.There is typically a smooth side and a side with a weave-like finish which is very coarse.From Victorian decorative gilt swept frames to Edwardian dark oak and beech.Sizes of moulding and aperture dimensions vary, please call Karen for details and availability 01548 830872.Our selection of brands is always growing, so chances are your favorite is on Ali Express.

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