Dating someone with ms

We work hard at our careers and want to buy a house together and properly settle down.

What’s most important, though, is that we’re a team, and that we can rely on each other to overcome whatever life throws at us.

I mentioned it live on air and we were all laughing.

Then a listener texted the show saying, “This isn’t funny.

When I first left home for university at 18 I think I rushed into being independent, and ended up moving back. One difficulty for me is that I tend not to go out at night – I don’t feel comfortable in situations where alcohol can lower people’s inhibitions and I could get pushed over – and to date someone I would need to feel comfortable.

Then, as part of my course, I had to study for a year in Spain. Disability can prevent young people from being in the position to start a relationship.

I tried to hide my symptoms, as though I were trying still to be the old me.

I also worried that he wouldn’t find me attractive. He’s moved on and I now have a new partner, Alan, who is incredible.

My wheelchair is not the most interesting thing about me by a long way, and I find that once I get to know people they realise that and stop treating me like a robot. I met him at university in Oxford and we were friends for a while before it became clear that things were going to go further.

In a way, that makes us no different from any other couple starting their lives together – and that makes me very happy.

Mathy Selvakumaran, 24, from Nottinghamshire, is single and studying for a Ph D at Sheffield University.

Being friends first meant that he had formed a reasonable idea of what he might be letting himself in for in terms of my disability.

But I still worried in the early days about ambushing him with all the things I was unable to do myself.

If we go to a party together, we tend to socialise there separately, and we’re often content to amuse ourselves individually at home. It annoys me when people address Will rather than me, as if I can’t speak for myself.

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