Dating unavailable men psychology


I’ve grown spiritually because I’ve been giving more, loving more, and understanding instead of judging. And the understanding I’ve gained is priceless–certainly more important than a new pair of shoes.

That thing that empowered me so much was those few words that you wrote and they were ‘I am more than enough’ Those words had an immediate effect on me, it’s like as I read them and took my next breath they became apart of me and then it occurred to me how many times I have felt not enough and I did the worst thing ever by trying and trying and then trying even harder and ending up nowhere.

I still have a tendency to go back to my old habits, but I am working really hard to implement my new way of thinking as it brings me lots of peacefulness inside due to the fact that I now understand more man.

You both are literally changing my life for the better... Hey Renee I’ve been meaning to write to you about this for a while!

Sadly, he passed away a year and a half ago and we weren't married long when he died. I have a deep belief that by the time I finish the 7 days course, I will heal from hurtful past relationships with man and woman and will finally be able to have positive, constructive, and healthy relationship with others including with myself because I will understand better man and women.

But what time we spent together was such a blessing and he was so good to me. You bring a new way of understanding man and therefore myself (women) that speaks so much to me !!

My journey is inspiring his journey and vice versa.

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