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Under the name Ameise 65 DFG 15 G we launch the first IC-engine powered stacker in the Nitro series.1960 Ameise Junior, the first wheel-supported lift truck, featuring tiller steering and starter batteries, enables small companies to maximise the advantages of pallet storage.

Another international subsidiary is opened in Switzerland.1962 We develop Teletrak, the first automatically controlled and inductively guided stacker.

We acquire the Boss Group, including long-standing Steinbock company in Moosburg, Bavaria.

Our company undergoes comprehensive restructuring.1990 After merging the domestic companies, the company is transformed to a public limited company and floated on the stock exchange on 30 August.1991 The launch of DIS, the drive-In-system for deep stacking1992 New international subsidiaries founded in the Czech Republic and Hungary1993 In July, in a joint venture with Linde, Jungheinrich sets up an engine plant in Moravany/Brunn, Czech Republic.1994 We take over the British Boss group, including the long-standing Steinbock company in Bavaria.

Jungheinrich Unternehmensverwaltung KG (Holding) is formed to manage the international subsidiaries.1968 Our founder, Dr Friedrich Jungheinrich, passes away at the age of 68 years on 28 January. The same year sees the unveiling of the ETX series.

For the first time revenues surpass DM 1 billion, 5,330 employees on the payroll.1988 New product sales, rental and used truck business, repair shop and service division are brought together under unified management – at the headquarters in Germany as well as decentralised in the sales divisions.1989 A new plant is built in Lüneburg for special build, small series production, and customisation. We respond to the pent-up demand for modern industrial trucks and warehouse equipment in the new German states and the former Eastern Bloc countries.

The first international sales subsidiary is established in Austria under the name Hermann F. With the reach truck Retrak a new fork lift truck category is developed.1958 To expand manufacturing capacity the new Hamburg-Wandsbek commences starts production.

New international subsidiaries are established in Italy and Sweden.

A new international subsidiary is formed in Portugal.

Our environmental management system is certified to ISO DIN 14001.

For our company, export business becomes the major source of revenue.

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