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If this relationship isn’t going to work out, it’s not going to work out.

Now, it can either not work out and you spend the whole time worrying (praying for what you don’t want to happen), anticipating doom, feeling ill at ease etc, or you can step up and be present in your relationship so that whatever the outcome, you know that you were there, you gave it your all, that you enjoyed yourself, and that you didn’t spend the whole time looking over your shoulder to see if Freddy Kreuger the relationship killer was at the door.

Be wary of interpreting someone’s actions as meaning that they are into you or that they actually want a relationship with you. You cannot control another person’s thoughts, feelings or behaviors.

Some guys may say sweet things, buy you flowers or gifts, treat you to dinner, introduce you to their friends and family or initiate sex as a part of their own dating rituals. You also can’t control the outcome of the experience. Be lighthearted about it all – stay in the moment, enjoy your dates and let go of your attachment to the outcome. Stay focused on your life – Make time to plan activities apart from dating.

Just don't expect this to be the end-all of preparatory reading; it's more of a basic, if pleasant, primer.

So I am currently reading this book to review it for work... Most of the stuff in here I already have a good amount of knowledge about, but I can't say that most queer grrls and bois would be able to say the same.

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This is a great little dating manual for dykes, easy and fun to read and packed with info to help you get laid... Apparently I was feeling rather sarcastic a few months ago.

The only girl-on-girl dating guide you’ll ever need!

Indispensable for any woman who dates women—or wants to—with lively and irreverent advice about meeting girls, making the first move, who picks up the tab, flirting, and surviving bad dates. A fun little beginner's guide, surprisingly light and humor-filled, but with some genuine tips: i.e. The biggest problem with the book is that it assumes we're all pretty good-looking and pretty kinky, with the author going so far as to admit she's intentionally overlooking vanilla sex!

I found this book to be a nice companion to "He's Just Not That Into You" if you happen to be a bisexual like me and read both male and female dating guides.

It has some clear cut tips like advising girls to actually ask women on dates rather than suggesting to "hang out." It also contains a fabulous list of pick up lines for everywhere from the bar to the grocery store ("do you have any idea how to cook eggplant? Good: trans-friendly, takes on the pervasiveness of butch/femme stereotyping and how it affects relationship dynamics without forcing the reader to fit into said stereotypes, has lots of first-hand accounts about dating girls. Meh: out of date, even after 9 years (though the book would have been written in 2004/5 in order to be published in 2007).

Recognize that everyone has their own psychological issues and relationship histories that they bring into dating situations.

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