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"That’s very fun—singing in the shower and scrubbing!

"I’ve had several sing-offs with boyfriends," Perry told in her September cover story. To help fuel your musical fan fiction, here is a look back at everyone Katy Perry has dated over the years.

cover star has dated just about every type of eligible bachelor.

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During his rise to fame, Diplo worked with British musician M. A., an artist who is credited with giving him exposure in his early career. After frequently running into fellow DJ Low Budget, the two began throwing parties under the Hooked on Hollertronix moniker in 2003 as a way of maintaining control of what they were able to play during DJ gigs in Philadelphia. The album Florida was pressed twice, first with a CD and the second with a CD and DVD.Among other jobs, he has worked as a school teacher in Philadelphia.His 2013 EP, Revolution, debuted at number 68 on the US Billboard 200. producer Switch created a Jamaican dancehall project and cartoon series titled Major Lazer.I discovered diplo because Steve Mackey played me a song by him released on big dada! He said "politics is a terrible thing for music"in 2010 in the NYT article .I found out on a "flyer" he was djing and spent 16 pounds and bought my own way into fabric club in London . During this time when 400 000 Tamil were getting bombed to death , he used to have a dart board of my face on his rider . "He text me "you're walking backwards into a brick wall" when the NYT article came out.I let him cash in on the sound because I had no choice.

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