Esl dating lesson plan


My job is well-paid but quite stressful so I like to have a good time at the weekends. I also like to do sport and help out at the local children’s hospital once a month.

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Please note that the students are going to need a lot of help when it comes to the video, so make sure you are familiar with the sequence of events yourself.Download the students’ materials, powerpoint and lesson plans below: My Lesson Plan for assessed class procedure – Teacher’s procedure Online Dating powerpoint Dating Profiles materials – Students’ handout Teacher’s notes 11. In pairs, ask first question to your partner, they remember the compound. · Someone with dark skin – dark-skinned · Someone with green eyes – green-eyed (jealous/envious) Work with a partner, try to guess the compound.Sts contrast the “-ed” compounds that end with /ɪd/ with those that end /d/ and the stress patterns in the different forms.They’re probably not going to understand many of them, so … It’s all very British – so I’ve put some help in the brackets. If they can the reconstruct it sufficiently well to retell it in their own words that’s great.Now pause at this point (2 minutes) and play again so they can listen to the story in a more relaxed way & double-check they have the phrases in the right order. Help them with meaning, include the parenthesized words if necessary. If not, you can pose the following questions to help them do so: Sourced @: Next, play the remainder of the video and ask them to reconstruct the events.Give each pair a few minutes to chat, and then shout “change”.

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