File parsed but not updating

Check to see if there are failed parsing tasks in the Governance log.If so, troubleshoot the error with the Log Parsing error table above. If not, check the data sources and Log collector configuration in the portal. In the Data source page, verify that the data source you are using is accurately configured. In the Log collectors page, verify that the data source is linked to the right log collector. Check the local configuration of the on-premises log collector machine. Log in to the log collector over SSH and run the collector_config utility. Confirm that your firewall or proxy is sending logs to the log collector using the protocol you defined (Syslog/TCP, Syslog/UDP or FTP) and that it is sending them to the correct port and directory. Run netstat on the machine and verify that it receives incoming connections from your firewall or proxy 4.Of course, you will have to have SSI correctly enabled, as discussed above.with the actual name of the file that you're referring to.Try changing the filters in the Cloud Discovery dashboard to show different types of data to see the results.Summary: Learn how to add or remove a file type from the search index and how to start or stop including content from the file type, in the search index.If you have SSI correctly configured, the directive will be replaced with its results.

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There are a number of standard variables, which include the whole set of environment variables that are available to CGI programs.This article deals with Server Side Includes, usually called simply SSI.In this article, I'll talk about configuring your server to permit SSI, and introduce some basic SSI techniques for adding dynamic content to your existing HTML pages.This can prevent your document from being cached, and result in slower perceived client performance.There are two ways to solve this: It is formatted like an HTML comment, so if you don't have SSI correctly enabled, the browser will ignore it, but it will still be visible in the HTML source.SSI is a great way to add small pieces of information, such as the current time - shown above.

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