Free cam uk


When I told friends I was trialling a dash cam, one told me about the time he bought and attempted to set up a conventional dash cam, only to abandon it thanks to the myriad fiddly wires he was tasked to attach. Getting the position right on my car was a bit harder, as you want the camera to get a full view of the road without obstructing your own.

This is, of course, perfectly legal, but can be distraction.I live opposite a primary school on a very narrow road and the traffic around the gates can be a bit scary at times.I found it reassuring to know that, should someone clip my wing mirror, I could prove I wasn’t at fault.The use of dash cams has risen in recent years with a quarter of UK drivers now using one. One thing I do like however is getting free stuff so, when I heard that Aviva had a dash cam app I could download for nothing, naturally I was keen to give it a go.I downloaded Aviva’s free version, via the Aviva Drive app, to see why this handy gadget is the latest must-have car accessory. If you’re not familiar with them, dash cams are small cameras that record your view of the road so – if you’re unlucky enough to have an accident – you can prove exactly what happened.You can control the rotation and direction of some of the cameras on uk.

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