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Hi Laguerre, I write this as the first Brit blasts off from Kazakhstan on his way to the International Space Station.

:'Arris Gp took another step towards merging with Pace PLC .

In this brave new world and in that context it is straightforward where investors should place their money for the long term IMHO. They must diversify immediately of they will fossilise themselves. Well it didn't make the price I predicted back in October but it's well on it's way now, I'm expecting a boost next week or by the following Monday. The deal has been approved in five countries, leaving Brazil as the final holdout. Happeeeee days Hi Dumbdog I'm not really 'over the Moon', is it prophetic?

Best of luck to all those who keep their Arris shares, but I'm out. Looking at ARRIS 5 year SP chart, the 4 Jan 16 marked the start of the decline in value from 30.40 to todays 26.16 {$ of course]. As I held my Pace shares in certificated form I received my cheque and Nominee Service Statement of Ownership for my Arris shares today. Nothing fresh news wise[that I've found] regarding us the shareholders, no doubt our 'destructions' will be mailed to us in due course.

Positive thoughts must be that travel to our orbiting rock, our postage-stamp-like, anonymous moon, [all sister planet satellites are named?

A recent 'Enterprise' venture by them, rather than strengthening has 'Shipped' the partners declining sp almost into freefall!!

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if you're sitting comfortably, then I'll begin {:-).

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