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IMPORTANT: thri XXX has final say in regards to granting and registering User Names or Screen Nick Names and Passwords through its systems.

If a user name conflicts with another user, is confusing, impersonates staff, other real people like popular culture icons, personas or media personalities, is protected by trademark or copyright or is otherwise misleading or inappropriate, thri XXX has the right to deny its use or ask you to change it and you agree to do so, on request, thri XXX also reserves the right to alter or delete any username or password at any time and for any reason in thri XXX's sole discretion.

You are responsible for keeping up to date on the latest versions of the Terms of Service as revised from time to time.NO PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF MAJORITY IN THEIR GIVEN JURISDICTIONS MAY DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY VIEW OR POSSESS ANY OF THE CONTENTS OF thri XXX GAMES, CHAT SERVICES OR RELATED SITES OR PLACE ANY ORDERS FOR ANY GOODS OR SERVICES ADVERTISED IN THE GAME OR AT AFFILIATED CONTENT SITES.ALL CONTENT, MATERIALS, INCLUDING MESSAGES, AND OTHER COMMUNICATIONS, CONTAINED IN ANY thri XXX GAMES OR SERICES OR AT ANY thri XXX SITES, OR IN ANY RELATED OR AFFILIATED SERVICES ARE EXCLUSIVELY INTENDED FOR DISTRIBUTION TO CONSENTING ADULTS IN LOCATIONS WHERE THE MATERIALS, MESSAGES AND OTHER COMMUNICATION CONTAINED IN-GAME, IN CHAT SESSIONS OR AT RELATED SITES DO NOT VIOLATE ANY COMMUNITY STANDARDS OR ANY FEDERAL, STATE OR LOCAL LAW OR REGULATION OF THE UNITED STATES OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY.This Agreement governs the use of the Application and any content including the fictional simulation role play game activities, in-game fictional characters and virtual currencies and/or any other virtual experiences, consumption of content or participation in virtual spaces, including purchases or use of virtual items and currencies/credits (called 'XCoins'), tokens, and or points as described herein.Credits or Subscriptions may be purchased with real-world currencies and are used under limited license grant described here to purchase access to the application and/or virtual item products or other services.If you don't agree to the changes, you should stop using the thri XXX Applications and Online Services immediately. You acknowledge and agree that by clicking the 'accept' or 'purchase' (or similar) buttons when agreeing to any use any thri XXX product via its 'Terms of Service' (TOS), or entering into any transaction or placing of an order, you are entering a legally binding agreement.

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