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Brands associated with Walmart headquarters include Straight Talk, Great Value, Sam’s Choice, Equate, Mainstays, Ol’ Roy, Special Kitty, Parent’s Choice, White Stag, George, Athletic Works, Canopy, Durabrand and more.

Walmart’s attempt at the television streaming market is VUDU, a streaming movie service.

For example, my Agent Black is also known as the Manhattan Mangler.

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If your character is a hero, an excellent name will make readers feel he is heroic.Also, try to mix up the number of syllables in your character names. A character’s name should establish or at least suggest a defining trait of the character.If you’re writing a superhero story, you may be able to get away with a wacky name like Captain Carnage or Devil Dog, like Superhero Nation does.Authors sometimes complicate this by using the same letter to start character names, using similar-looking or similar-sounding names.We will keep John and Hideyuki apart in our minds, but maybe not Clinton and Cliff (or Kevin).If those guys were named John or Mike, we might feel confused and disorientated.

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