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We drove from Albany to Columbus today on June 12th after waiting for 2 1/2 hours for a call back that we never received. We had to go back and get the receipt that night and still no towels.

We believe that the housekeeper who cleaned our room on Sunday has our belongings. A friend called and reserved our room along with 2 other rooms under her name. They returned to the front desk and requested a refund for their room only. The only electrical outlet at the sink was being used for microwave and refrigerator. A person outside our door approached us to sell us drugs twice when we were coming and going. Thank goodness we had brought ours since we were going to be on our friends boat.

We checked and was provided a room, when we got to the door of our room, we could hear the television blaring from inside the room.

When we entered there was a couple in the nude currently occupying the room that we were just given, they had electrical cooking devices connected in the room and were having a fish fry right inside.

Today Motel 6 has more than 1,100 locations in the United States and Canada. Answer 3: Motel 6 was founded by William Becker and Paul Greene in 1962.

Motel 6 also operates extended-stay hotel chain Studio 6, which has about 60 locations. Tagged as: motel 6 address, Motel 6 complaint desk, Motel 6 consumer complaints, motel 6 corporate address, motel 6 corporate office headquarters, motel 6 headquarters, motel 6 home office, motel 6 main office, motel 6 office address, motel 6 office email, motel 6 office fax, motel 6 office phone, motel 6 office phone number On June 9, I was in the Madison, Wisconsin area for an event, there was a weather alert about a possible tornado and bad weather entering the area.

We woke up our first morning to drilling and workman noises at am.

When we opened the curtain, there was a worker outside our window putting up plastic with tape in preparation to paint.

The partners wanted to build motels with bargain rates and decided on the rate of per night; a rate which would cover building costs, land leases, and janitorial supplies.We then went back to the customer service to inform them the room was being occupied, he began a debate about the room being empty and I ended the conversation instructing him to go look for him self and also mentioned that a few rooms we walked past with their room door’s open contained electrical cooking devices that could be a possible be a FIRE HAZZARD!!He then provided us another room, we then went to that room only to find out that we were unable to get inside because the lock was not working properly. I reached out to corporate on 6/11/18 Guest Relations, and the agent called the location, where we stayed, spoke with General Manager Latoya requesting that my funds be returned, after waiting 5/7 business days for the return to reflect in my checking account and nothing happened, I called Guest Relations again spoke with another agent and he informed me that General Manager never processed the return of the funds.If anyone can help us get our belongings back, please help us. I also requested a receipt since I paid cash Friday night.The managers were extremely unhelpful, rude and had no respect for our time. The front desk clerk said she would drop it off in the room when she brought towels.There’s no way that our binder would walk away without someone picking it up. Andy Patel shouldn’t be allowed to run a singke dog house. They arrived before us and told the front desk clerk that we would be a late arrival. We arrive 15 minutes later and was told by the front desk clerk that our room was #112. When I unplugged to use for my blow dryer there was roaches all around it and dead roaches in the outlet. We finally got towels Saturday about pm after my husband went to the front desk and got them.

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