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Security checkpoints are common across the country.

Be very respectful and cooperate fully at security checkpoints.

Terrorist organizations and guerilla groups have established operational bases in these areas.

There are frequent border clashes between these and other armed groups. The threat of attacks against Western interests is severe.

Due to the unpredictable security situation, the Government of Canada’s ability to provide consular assistance in all parts of Iraq is severely limited.

If you are in Iraq, consider departing by commercial means if it is safe to do so.

An Iraqi police or army uniform is not a guarantee that the wearer is operating in an official capacity.

Exercise particular caution at ad hoc checkpoints, where murders, kidnappings and robberies frequently occur. You may encounter serious problems with local authorities when crossing borders or risk of injury or death as a result of ongoing clashes, air strikes or other violent incidents that are common to border areas in Iraq.

Security conditions get much worse after dark in most areas.

Violent conflicts involving organized criminals, street gangs, militants, rival militias and Iraqi security forces pose grave dangers.

The Government of Iraq has indicated that it will not recognize the results of the referendum.

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