Is rachel bilson still dating hayden christensen

On the one hand, they get to do what they are likely most passionate about On the other hand, working on set for so many days and hours with people you wouldn’t necessarily connect with off set, could really bring out the worst in people.

"Most important for me is that Briar is okay and secure and stable," she said.

According to people who have worked with Lopez, she reportedly gets to films productions with a long list of demands that have to be fulfilled by the time she gets on set.

And if these demands are not fulfilled, she becomes an increasingly impossible person to work with.

With so much ego and pride within this industry, it’s hard to imagine stars like Julia Roberts or Jim Carrey ever being anything but nice and friendly.

These are the stars that Hollywood has pretty much closed the door in their faces and have gained a reputation of a person nobody wants to work with or be around.

However, it was some time after the Fantastic Four films that Alba felt her acting career plateau.

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