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The raging typoon is so strong that its cloud field is actually bigger than the land size of Japan, according to meteorologist Haley Brink.As of Sunday evening, gusts of 215 kilometers per hour had been recorded, with enormous waves crashing off the coast of South Korea. You'd had an op and were confined to barracks ..... As far as why I am up so late right now is my back is acting up. I live like 5 blocks from the ocean so I am living in Heaven. I also have Live Video & Webcams of the World that I record & post eagle nest videos at...... Been busy on my facebook pages recording & posting videos. Sakurajima but now that Trump is President I am sure everyone is back to not liking us Americans, lol. Btw, wonder what is going on with my little mountain.

The violent winds could also blow the windows out of high-rise buildings, sending glass falling onto the streets from above.For a spa-like experience, the hotel includes lavish accents such as marble and natural stone bathrooms, rain showers and deep soak baths, and bathroom amenities from Oscar de la Renta.Located across from the hotel, The Imperial Palace- outfitted with lush gardens, picturesque stone bridges, and scenic moats- opens its grounds to guided public tours. I havent been around here since the Russian Office cam stopped broadcasting. : D I'm sure the rest of the world sympathizes with you about Trump. I would love to visit Norway, Sweden, Swizterland and of course Mt. I did find a tour that took in 5 countries - including both of those but it looked too exhausting. I have had 6 back surgeries and some nights it flares and keeps me up. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called for evacuations across at least 20,000 households.

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