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The song, which shared the same name as the show, was included as a bonus track on the album and became the title track of her eleventh single, "Love & Honey" (2004), after the album's release.

Having debuted in 2000 with the single “Take Back”, Koda gained fame for her seventh single, “Real Emotion/1000 no Kotoba”, the songs of which were used as themes for the video game Final Fantasy X-2.

When they approved and supported her, she chose to keep the style that would become infamous with her name: "ero-kakkoi".

Koda's first release of 2005 was her fourteenth single, "Hands" (January 19).

In contrast to the colorful clothes used for “AND”, for “DNA” Koda is decked out in sleek black/white outfits.

The album will be released in four versions overall, a CD only, CD DVD, CD Blu-ray, and CD 3DVD.

The 3DVD version is exclusive to Koda’s fanclub Playroom.

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