Kpop idol dating scandal

The title of staff can also be used to cover up traces of dating.

When Super Junior’s Shindong had yet to reveal his relationship to the public in the late 2000s, the idol made his non-celebrity girlfriend act as if she was his stylist.

The day before their dating news officially broke out, Taeyeon posted a photo of an Oreo cookie on her Instagram, which many think is a reference to her boyfriend, whose name literally means ‘black and white.’ Similarly, Baekhyun stylized the name of his group in a rather unique way on his Instagram, setting him apart from his teammates and raising questions about a possible hidden meaning.

Instead of writing EXO using the alphabet, Baekhyun went for ㅌxㅇ.

Sure, everything might be a coincidence, but they were also suspected to have written adorable shout-outs to each other in the thanks-tos of their groups’ albums.

It all adds up to a fairly clear example of how idol dating tends to work when it comes to small and public expressions of love.5.

His trendy restaurants in the Itaewon district are frequented by many stars, and not only for the tasty food.Another example comes from Super Junior’s Shindong. S once revealed that she used to keep in touch with her boyfriend at the time using – literally – hidden messages.Again, in the thanks-to section, Shindong left an encrypted message made up of a systematic combination of numbers and letters, which netizens quickly figured out to be a creative proposal to his (now ex-) girlfriend, Nari. They would write small notes for each other, fold them, and put them underneath a certain vending machine at a broadcast station, which they both visited regularly.Who doesn’t love them some good food and nice company?For stars, however, entering a random restaurant with their loved one can be risky, and celebrities often opt for privately owned spots that can provide them with much needed privacy.While each relationship is different, most celebrity couples have a similar dating routine and style due to the constraints of being a public figure, and here we list the some of the most common ways celebrities couples meet, date, and share their affection.

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