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@OISEat AERA makes us appreciate the amazing work in our @OISEUof T Ijdqa FB Today is #Dayof Pink, which aims to celebrate diversity and put a stop to homophobia, transphobia, and all forms of #bullying.We have all faced the same issues and challenges." The first step in creating the council was to establish a need for such a body, Outram said.That in turn meant proving that an Aboriginal design industry exists in [email protected] Uyenaka, Program Co-ordinator – Social Service Worker Room: SW106J Ext: 3758 [email protected] Longo, Program Co-ordinator – Year 1 – BSc N Room: SW205 Ext: 2872 [email protected] Hinman, Program Co-ordinator – Communicative Disorders Assistant Room: 1102 Simcoe Bldg Ext: 2079 [email protected] Morrison, Program Co-ordinator – Practical Nursing Room: SW106B Ext: 2194 [email protected] Stever, Program Co-ordinator – Dental Assisting Room: A241A Ext: 2544 [email protected] Pegg, Program Co-ordinator – Dental Reception and Administration Room: A244 Ext: 2386 [email protected] Schuh, Program Co-ordinator – Personal Support Worker Room: SW106B Ext: 2305 [email protected] Labaj, Program Co-ordinator – Fitness and Health Promotion Room: SW106G Ext: 6573 [email protected] Longo, Program Coordinator – Fitness & Health Promotion Room SW205 Ext.

Members of the council know there is a market for whatever Aboriginal designers and artisans can create, and will offer them assistance with product development, quality control and marketing."The goal is the international market, especially Europe," she said."We want to connect everybody so people won't be isolated ..."Aboriginal designers are recognized as unique and precious and there is growing interest internationally in their work.What you saw on the runway was inspired by each person's culture and is a unique statement." For more information about the Canadian Aboriginal Design Council contact Angela De Montigny ([email protected]) or Carol Outram ([email protected]).Bev Neblett, Associate Dean – Community Services Programs Room: SW106K Ext: 2471 [email protected] Burke, Associate Dean – Health Programs Room: SW106H Ext: 2125 [email protected] Connor, Administrative Co-ordinator Room: SW106G Ext: 2375 [email protected] Mc Guire, Student Advisor Room: SW106D Ext: 3066 [email protected] Tufts, Student Advisor/Placement Officer Room: SW106M Ext:2288 [email protected] West, Student Advisor/Placement Officer Room: SW106F Ext:2408 [email protected] Lovisa, Student Advisor Room: SW106E Ext: 6586 [email protected] Nelles, Documentation Clerk Room: SW106 Ext: 3601 [email protected] Powell, Student Advisor/Placement Officer Room: SW106N Ext: 2199 [email protected] Donner, Administrative Assistant Room: SW106 Ext: 2944 [email protected] Thomson, Administrative Assistant Room: SW106 Ext: 2149 [email protected] Robinson, Dental clinic Receptionist Room: SW107 Ext: 3074 [email protected] Hayes Dental Lab Technologist Room: A232A Ext: 2887 [email protected] Mc Ewan, Clinical Simulation Program Advisor Room: SW207E Ext: 2345 [email protected] Ramzia, Critical Care Administrative Assistant Room: SW106 Ext: 2542 [email protected] Wingate, CICE Clerk Room: SW106 Extn 2059 Jennifer.

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