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Gerry Jeffers, an Irish tutor who taught media literacy, wrote in an Irish Times article in 1995 about the soap opera and "the lasting appeal of a television genre that tops the ratings and provides fuel for chat in homes, workplaces and schools".The idea that audiences of soap operas have difficulty separating reality from fiction is commented on in his article.While the main theme is drama, there are elements of comedy evident, e.g.

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"Soap operas concentrate mainly on dialogue and characters’ responses to happenings rather than on action." Niall Mathews, managing editor of entertainment TV in RTÉ, is quoted: "All truly successful soap characters, while possessing traits that are positive and good, invariably portray or embody character weaknesses and flaws, failings with which an audience can readily identify." Jeffers wrote; "Soap operas are characterised by realism. Biddy and Miley’s marriage has come under stress in Glenroe.They also mostly take place in real time, with Christmas, Easter etc being marked.the proprietor of the local pub; Tim Devereux and George Black (the Roman Catholic priest and the Church of Ireland Rector of the village respectively); Fidelma Kelly, a cousin of Biddy; Blackie Connors; George Manning; and Stephen Brennan (see character list below).Glenroe was noted for its original title sequence, which featured the words "Gleann Rua" in Gaelic script morphing into "Glenroe" over a series of rural images.He recounts one soap actor's experience with a stranger in an airport.

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