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When Cory for ran against Sharpe the first time, James's campaign people started gay rumors about Booker. TV reports say Cory discovered the fire returning home with his "security detail." One of them was interviewed. Jim Mc Greevey's detail drove him to turnpike rest stops and waited until he was finished doing the nasty.The rumors continued during the second run when Cory defeated Sharpe. I follow him on twitter and he responded once to some jerk who asked him straight out if he was gay.Single doesn't necessarily mean gay any more than married with kids equals straight. (That's the mayor's predecessor for those of you who are not from around here.)[quote]Single doesn't necessarily mean gay any more than married with kids equals straight. (That's the mayor's predecessor for those of you who are not from around here.) This is the first I'm hearing that there were gay rumors about Sharpe James, and I've lived in NJ my entire life.He was always reputed to be a total pussyhound, which indeed proved to be the case when all his personal expenses for trips to Brazil showed up on his T&E and he stood trial for corruption.Plus, if you were closeted politician, the last thing you want is any connection to LGBT issues and he seems to actively support them.That Mc Greevy was gay seemed to be an open secret and not one person has provided any remotely credible info, especially since the guy is surrounding by cops who see his every move.(FWIW, I was one of the people here who wondered if Mc Greevey was gay months before his "gay American" speech.

He earned an undergraduate degree (1991) and a graduate degree (1992) from Stanford (where he played varsity football), then studied in England on a Rhodes scholarship, getting another graduate degree in American history in 1994.

It was his ladyfriend whom he had on the city payroll who was his travel companion. R6 and R15, no I absoulutely do not have it reversed. For what it's worth, I have a friend who worked on his election campaign a few years back, and he says with confidence that Booker is gay.

OTOH, the rumors about Jim Mc Greevey were on the earie long before he became Governor. Apparently you never heard the story about the time Sharpe's car broke down while going through Branch Brook Park, and him having some twink with him. He probably has little time and less time or tolerance to be nagged about "not being home enough." So now we think everyone needs to have all the hassles of married life. Much of his constituency is anti-gay, so he really can't come out.[quote]Don't remember who said it, but one commentator said he believes in gay marriage because we should be as miserable as straights.

I'm guessing his real preference is for white women, which his constituents would not approve of either. Sorry I'm not buying the white women preference thing because it doesn't mesh with a number of studies/polling data showing that around 90% of blacks approve of interracial relationships. He started whisper campaigns about Booker being gay and he still lost.

If his preference is interracial dating, then he should be allowed to date whomever he wants. And around 60% of blacks have been in an interracial relationship. If he were gay, the black northern NJ politicians would have outed him by now. And if he suspected that Corey was dating white women he would have started rumors about that too if he thought it would help him win.

Booker was raised in a religious household, and his family attended a small African Methodist Episcopal Church in New Jersey.

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