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Beware of this thing at Cotters and be even more aware of how much you drink.She thinks that she is gods gift, however please take a good look at this lady. She isn’t winning men over with her good oh I meant UGLY looks, its all about how far she will go in the bedroom. This snapchat filtered w**** gets off on pursuing married men and co-workers!This woman needs to seek some serious help, I mean she isn’t great of a kniving w*** as she can’t find anyone that will even marry her! Probably assumed he would support her a$$ while she laid around in bed all day being depressed.

We have a pair who stay with us 2 weekends a month usually. My soon to be ex-husband of almost 29 years has cheated on me for the last 5 years. Their affair started less than 5 months after we got back from a vacation to California. She is a sad, sick human being who pretends to have it all together.Where I thought (stupid me) that he was home for good. Total fraud she is…..speaks horrible about some friends and co-workers to others, judgmental, self serving, lonely, does not respect herself or others. You may remember Jeanette from an early 2000s B-movie.Supposedly she has quit Avigen but I am sure she will go after any married man she works with at whatever job she takes. I guess because her life is pathetic and she can’t keep a man she can’t stand any married woman to be happy so she ruins marriages to make herself feel better. She paid special attention to me buying me more alcohol. I have heard I am not the first and this is normal behavior for her.Don’t expect her to take responsibility for her actions though cause she is quick to try and lie her way out of things…but evidence does not lie. Being a light weight and not tolerant of alcohol she took advantage of the situation. She is a stalker and she is a gifted 1st grade teacher in the Tower Grove area.She will literally stop at nothing to get some D***. She chose to go after a married man who she worked with.

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