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a56-357 Consuls 156 College of Physicians and Surgeons soa Customs Tanf T 63-124 Council of Arts and Manufactures, Province of Quebec. COim NTB, Immlgri Uoa Accnutn th« Don Union t64 Imptiial Governmtnt and Ohief Officers of SUU t4^ Iitpectors of Inland Revenue, Diitrlct 95!

Almanac, Ac 1-37 Bank Holidays i Banks in Canada 157-193 Bar, The 136 " Members of 136-140 Chronological Cycles i Collectors of Customs for the Dominioa . 314 Courts of Justice 134-133 Dental Board of Examiners, Province of Quebec 150 Dominion Board of Trade 173 Emigration Agents for the Dominkn in Europe 364 Eclipses , 3 in Public Offices i ▼I. 974-926 '* Legislature of Manitoba and •*• '^ Gardner & Son, Novelty Works *i ■^ I II 1 1 CONTENTS.

He had done weight gain in the past and became fat but with the help of regular exercise and balanced diet he managed to lose some weight.

In his long career he has given many shirtless scenes according to the demand of the script.

Epact 17 Lunar Cycle or Golden Number 8 Solar Cycle 21 Boman Tndiction 1 Julian Period 0601 Jewish Year begins Sep* tember 6th 5649 Mahommedan Year begins September 7 ,.1306 MOVABLE FESTIVALS.

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25 Good Friday March 30 Easter Monday April 2 Ascension Day May 10 Her Mtgesty's Birth- day May 24 Corpus Christi ♦♦ 81 St.

Also, throughout the Dominion, any day appointed by procla- mation for a general Fast or Thanksgiving Day. During the year there will be five eclipses, three of the sun.

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