Myspace dating quiz


You can prevent that person from viewing any personal information whatsoever.Or, if you are really worried, block them from viewing your profile altogether.This quiz will tease out just the personality type that you attract.

It's there for you to read, so why not check to see who has added scandalous photos, or how many girls have commented on your boyfriend's wall? Who is that girl writing on your ex-boyfriend's wall, and what is he saying back to her? If you don't know that suspicious girl or guy writing flirtatious words on your ex's wall, type her or his name into Google and get the dirt! If you happen to have the password of an ex, a crush, or a "frienemy," then why not log on to his or her account and scope out every aspect of his or her life? If someone has her or his Facebook set to block people who aren't in their regional network, just temporarily join -Create a fake profile.The results are sent right to your personal e-mail. How to Kick It If you are looking to kick the obsessive habits, the easiest way to do it is by swearing off social networking Web sites — at least for a little while.In doing this, you will not only be ridding yourself of the obsessive online "stalking" habits, but you may find yourself with extra time for things like...homework. If you can't rid yourself of them completely — don't worry, most of us can't — try to spend as little time on them as possible.How often do you look at your ex-boyfriend's profile?If a girl writes on your crush's Facebook wall, do you immediately try to look at her profile to size up your competition?There are ways, however, to secure your profile so that all of your personal information isn't available for the world to see.

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