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Ben, 23, from Hereford, now lives in London: “I matched with Mila from Putney on one dating app.She was a solid 8/9 out of 10 and we hit it off automatically.And a friendly warning, some of these tales are NSFW.But first a whistle-stop tour of what we mean by ‘dating apps’.

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(If you’re rolling eyes at the mere thought someone doesn’t know what Tinder is, swipe left on the next section and skip to the embarrassing stories, funny messages, and reasons why using your smartphone to date in Herefordshire is different to doing so in, for example London.) Tinder – This is Google. Except instead of Kings and 7s, there are Names, Ages, 3-4 pictures of the person either performing a ‘Duckface’ selfie or on a snowboard, and a One-Line Bio about ‘being sociable, outdoorsy’ and, weirdly, what height they are/are looking for.

I got to watch the whole awkward conversation unfold.” Jane, 28, from Hereford: “My friend, having gone home with a guy she’d met on Tinder for the first time, told him he could stay on the sofa, but that nothing was going to happen.

“She came downstairs with an armful of bedding to find him topless on the sofa.

Take a girl out in Hereford and you can spend £50 and they’re impressed.

Dinner and drinks in London will run you closer to £150, and that’s the norm.” “You get ones looking for ‘something serious’ these days – but you do have to state that you’re not looking for hook-ups." “There is very little that surprises me when it gets to the phone number stage.

You can then swipe left if you don’t like the look of them, or right if you fancy them – if they’ve done the same it opens text conversation and mini cupids instantly begin fluttering around your head.

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