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It is the main tool allowing traders to carry out the technical analysis and to work with advisers The demo the account allows to get acquainted with functionality of the trading Metatrader 4 terminal without investing the real money. Participants can use all the trading tools and strategies. Open more during the contest and continue your trial - its allowed and welcome!

The demo account has the same functionality, as the real, with one virtual money. Moreover, you can open and use two or more demo accounts! The target of participants - to make at least 20 transactions of any volume in the period of the competition and get the maximum profit as a result. - Participant who won the contest the first place, gets the main prize - 0;- Second place - 0;- Third place - .

It should be noted that any change in the rate allows to profit, even if it is minimal.

The main essence of trading options such as "Call / Put" (above / below) is that the trader after selecting instrument needs to choose one of two scenarios on the market: whether the price of the option at the time of its sale will be higher/lower than the price which was at the time of purchase of the option, its nominal value.

In order to participate you just need to have an open type "Standard.

STP" account and a deposit of $ 300 (excluding bonuses) there.

Funds are available for trading or withdrawal immediately after they are credited onto your account without any limits.

If you live with the spirit of competition, perseverance, passion, desire to develop a new interesting direction and desire to win - then forex competition from «Forex Optimum» is waiting for you!

Forex Optimum has been holding an ongoing “Real prize for your profit” contest of traders' for several months.If you have a desire and ability to manage multiple accounts, you can open multiple accounts!It is also allowed to use all available trade tools that opens up great prospects.Because we pay more, because we give you FREE landing-pages, banners and other promotional materials.Because we care as much for our customer as we care for our partner.Forex trading brings in a human restraint, prudence and confidence, broadens your mind, because you need to always be aware of all the economic and political events in the world.

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