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into the table and does not interpret this value as a line feed that is being escaped.

In order to escape newline characters in data that originates from Microsoft Windows platforms, you might need to use two escape characters: one for the carriage return and one for the line feed.

The result for row 4 assumes that the REMOVEQUOTES parameter is also specified.

The input data consists of two pipe-delimited fields: Note Applying the escape character to the input data for a load is the responsibility of the user.

Indicates that Amazon Redshift should load empty CHAR and VARCHAR fields as NULL.

If you need to specify a conversion that is different from the default behavior, or if the default conversion results in errors, you can manage data conversions by specifying the following parameters. This parameter applies only to TIMESTAMP and DATE columns.Enables loading of data into VARCHAR columns even if the data contains invalid UTF-8 characters.When ACCEPTINVCHARS is specified, COPY replaces each invalid UTF-8 character with a string of equal length consisting of the character specified by '. For information about invalid UTF-8 characters, see Multibyte Character Load Errors.Allows data files to be loaded when contiguous columns are missing at the end of some of the records.The missing columns are filled with either zero-length strings or NULLs, as appropriate for the data types of the columns in question.For example, you can use this parameter to escape the delimiter character, a quotation mark, an embedded newline character, or the escape character itself when any of these characters is a legitimate part of a column value.

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