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Often arises due to power's allure or being surprisingly good in bed.

Contrast The Schlub Pub Seduction Deduction, in which a beautiful woman will only approach an ugly man if she has ulterior motives.

Notably, the show aired in a very Anachronic Order, with Carrier's and Flanery's episodes often alternating.

Each episode was also initially introduced by a 93-year old Indy with an eyepatch.

The line between Kavorka Man and The Casanova, usually gaping, can sometimes be very fine.

A Kavorka Man minus the conquests is a Casanova Wannabe. All Girls Want Bad Boys is when the ladies are attracted to a man with a seemingly repellent personality rather than repellent looks.

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There are four films, the first three of which are set before World War II, while the fourth film is set during the Cold War.One episode however, had a bearded Harrison Ford introduce the adventure.George Lucas prided on managing a film-level quality production on a television budget, helped by revolutions in digital technology, and he has said that the show was partly a test to see how far he could take the later , the series was subject to subsequent furious re-editing by Lucas, the new cuts first showing up during re-airings in the late '90s.There are so many different chat applications for cell phones these days, yet Whatsapp emerges among all.This can’t be denied that Whatsapp is the most powerful messaging app.This is especially common in Long Runners, where by nature of the format, even ugly or unpleasant characters tend to accumulate a fair number of love interests, one-off or otherwise.

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