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This game is an escape game that has been developed by Game2

This game has been available in the public domain since one year.

By collecting some items and using the recipe, you can make more items in the lab which will help in saving the girl from those three bullies.

The game has many items and accessories that are specific to a high school including the lockers. This game follows all the classic requirements to be qualified as an escape game.

This objective is to be achieved by collecting many items from the school and making more items from the collection which can drive away the disturbing boys, thereby helping the girl who is being bullied.

You can create your own avatar to look however you want it to look, and the same goes for your own room.

When you are ready, chat with other players and explore the various rooms available.

After collecting, the player can mix up the right ingredients in the lab to get a new item.

Player can get hints by using the Recipes button given in the lab screen.

After you learn of your heart condition, you are sent to spend your last year of High School in a school for the disabled.

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