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The way these discourses are spread and their authority are different: the romantic discourse evident in the autobiographies appeal to the authority of love supreme love is the purpose of male-female relationship and it justifies sexuality.In this discourse sex can be the place for confluence of genders.

Populaaritieteellisiä merkityksiä esitetään usein epäkriittisesti mediassa ja käsitysten auktoriteettina on erehtymättömäksi ajateltu tiede.The research names five important discourses present in the meaning giving processes of autobiographers.In doing so, the stabile cultural model of male-female relationship widens to show the complexity and variation in data.Information concerning male-female relationships is being analyzed using theoretically informed close readings thematic analysis, intertextual reading and reflexive reading.Theoretical implications stem from cognitive anthropology (the idea of cultural models) and an adaptation of discourse theory inspired by Michel Foucault.Societal discourse defines the hetero relationship as the mainstay of society.

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