Real cam in live living room

Invaluable Browse lots from live auctions around the world without leaving your desk, armchair, or bed.Invaluable allows you to place advance absentee bids and bid in real-time at live and online auctions.4.You can then browse images organized by space, color, style, and project estimate, and save your favorites to in-app vision boards.The app also features a cost estimator on all kitchen and bath photos.15.Zillow Digs Think of Zillow Digs as a home-design-only version of Pinterest.You can personalize the decor and renovation inspiration that appears upon opening the app by indicating your style preferences.Create and save color palettes for your next decorating project with the Color911 app.

Photo Measures No need to constantly carry around a tape measure; this app allows users to snap a photo of a space and write the measurements right on it.

Morpholio Board Pro Designed to make life easier for professionals, Morpholio Board Pro merges moodboards, shopping lists, cut sheets, and specs all into one app, making client presentations and project management a breeze.

Who hasn’t bought an amazing piece only to bring it home to find that it’s not quite the right size—or, worse, that it won’t even fit through the door?

Hutch This app merges the worlds of rendering and shopping, virtually outfitting rooms from photos users upload and allowing them to shop the look directly.

Says Ben Broca, cofounder and head of product and technology, "Our photo technology recognizes the structure of the user's space and places products in it.

Read on to discover the best home design apps to download before you start that room makeover.

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